Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our butcher shop in Hungary

Lot's of people don't know that in my younger age I was helping and working in my Father's Butcher Shop in Budapest. He was making everything from bologna to hot dog to the best Hungarian smoked sausage. Well, since I had to help out over the years I learned a lot including how to make some of the best Hungarian Specialties. Let me share with you some photos and re-live old memories.

Front of my Father's Butcher Shop in Budapest

Actually it is more then a buthcer shop since you can buy now everything beside food. For lunch people coming from all over the area's small offices and  shop's for lunch. He can cook and serve hot food like cooked smoked head meat, sausages at least 3 different kind, hot dogs and lot's of different Hungarian Specialties that hard to translate. All this served with fresh bread, zsemle (kind of chewy roll) or kifli which is a chewy longer shaped roll. You can see it in this photo on right side. 

Left Hungarian cottage cheese filled pastry, right the Kifli

Now let's peek inside and check out all the goodies. As you can see meat and lot's of smoked specialties in the shop. My Father, Laci and Me. Behind us smoked Debreceni Sausage links, smoked bacon.

The Butcher Shop still doing well in this economy. Just like here in the USA the Big Corporations try to squeeze out the small specialty stores but customers need and love them. I will post more in coming days.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Great Hungarian paprika paste and gift box

Red Gold Paprika Cream Hot & Mild

Fresh paprika peppers are crushed and pureed, then packaged in airtight tubes to maintain the peak flavor of raw paprika. Compare the deeper flavor of the fresh paprika paste to the powdered alternative and note the difference, as with any fresh herb or pepper. Use Red Gold to lift the flavor and add beautiful color to rice and pastas. Use as a wet rub for any meat, then prepare as usual. Toss with cooked vegetables and add zip to dips and sauces.Try Red Gold Hot to add zest and spiciness whenever desired. Red Gold packs plenty of Vitamin C
If you would like to order please contact me!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Going to a cooking class in Budapest!

Best restaurants and culinary, cooking schools are in Budapest, Hungary. Hungarian food is known word-wide and enjoyed by 1000's of visitors to Hungary.
Here is a video clip from  one of the main road of Budapest, Margit korut. The public transportation is really good, as you can see our electric street cars


Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Cooking Class Success!

Kind of late but our cooking class in Toledo was a big success! With Tony Packo on our side we demonstrated our menu for the evening.
I can tell you that our Hungarian Chicken Paprikash, Edit's Hungarian Palacsinta with different fillings were a big hit! Here is some photo from that event. Left to right Joe, Tony and my lovely wife Edit.
Come back for a new Hungarian Cooking Class date.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hungarian cooking class date for Toledo

It's final! Hungarian cooking class date set for January 26, 2010!
If you're interested here is what're you have to do:
Class will be held at:

'Kitchen Tools & Skills, Ltd
26597 North Dixie Hwy, Perrysburg, Oh location.

How to Register for the Cooking Classes:

Visit Kitchen tools & skills website or by emailing Lina kitchentools at sbcglobal.net
or Call: (419) 872-9090

All registrations are on a first come, first serve basis. So you have to hurry!

Hope to see you at the class!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

How to sign up for a cooking class?

If you're interested to sign up for a cooking class in Toledo or Perrysburg best thing to do is keep your eye on local newspapers, grocery stores bulletin boards or find a local website which providing cooking classes in Toledo area.
If you would like to participate upcoming cooking classes to learn different ethnic cookings please keep checking back for further information.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hungarian cooking class coming to Toledo

It's final there will be a hungarian cooking class coming to Toledo, ok it will be in Perrysburg. Here is a photo what will coming!

Hungarian pork stew.